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Screening tool for hearing loss

Screening tool for hearing loss PDF fillable (You can download this version and fill it out on the computer.)

Screening tool for hearing loss PDF print version (You can download this version and print it to be completed by hand.)

This screening tool is useful for assessing if a patient should see an audiologist to have their hearing tested.

Screening tool for hearing disability

How to use the Hearing Satisfaction Questionnaire

This screening tool can be used to assess a patient’s perception of their hearing disability. It is useful for determining what stage of change a patient is currently at with regards to their hearing loss. Research shows that patients often deny or minimise hearing loss, waiting on average 10 years before seeking treatment. Earlier treatment is more likely to be effective and delaying treatment exposes patients to the complications of hearing loss. This tool can be used to start a discussion with patients and encourage them to seek help sooner. Using screening tools like this in a GP setting has also been shown to improve effective hearing aid use substantially as it helps to find the individuals most in need and ready to accept help.

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