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App that measures noise

App that measures noise.

Sounds are measured using the decibel scale. An increase of 10 sounds twice as loud but has ten times more power or energy to cause damage. The larger the number, the shorter the period of time for exposure before damage occurs. Avoiding exposure to sounds that are too loud, for too long, or too close is the most effective prevention for noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

Found this fun app called Keep The Noise Down. It measures the noise levels in your house, workplace or classroom and an alarm triggers if you go over the limit! Noise Down lets you set an alarmed noise level for your house, classroom, workplace or elsewhere. As soon as someone goes your specified limit, an alert sounds!

Name and shame the noisiest people! Helps reduce the noise in your relationship, with the kids, in the office and more.

Noise Down is fun way to measure and control the noise levels in your home, workplace, classroom, or anywhere you need to “keep the noise down”.

It is very easy to use, and the results can be quite astonishing, with noticeable reduction in the noise around you – shouting, screaming, yelling – restore some calm around you.

Noise Down

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