Buzzzzzzzzzing in you ears driving you CRAZY?


Tinnitus — that ringing and buzzing in your ears that won’t stop — is a common condition among millions of Americans. Its impact on your life can be serious. Anxiety, depression and loss of sleep are common side effects. This may be especially true if tinnitus is accompanied by unknown hearing loss, as is the case in 90% of tinnitus sufferers.

Tinnitus has a variety of causes. Experts suspect that the ringing sound is the brain trying to adapt to a loss of hair cells, the nerve cells inside your ear that translate sound into electrical signals for the brain to interpret. This nerve loss can be caused by long noise exposure, aging, inner ear infection, or a condition called Meniere’s disease.

Every case is unique. But you can take charge.

There are, however, professionally monitored treatment plans and technologies for managing tinnitus and relieving the stress and anxiety it causes in your life. Oticon hearing devices with Tinnitus Sound Support™ can help because they provide amplification and a special sounds program for tinnitus relief. Tinnitus Sound Support™ is a feature that works with BrainHearing™ technology to address your unique condition, your likely hearing challenges, and your personal sound preferences. This individualized, flexible approach gives tinnitus sufferers an option for relief.

Get relief today.

The first step in getting effective relief from tinnitus is to have your hearing evaluated byHearing & Audiology. There is hope — with an understanding of your tinnitus and any related hearing challenges, you can discuss your goals with your hearing care professional and plan a course of treatment.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to live with untreated tinnitus. Learning to manage your tinnitus is the first step to regaining hope and maintaining your health.

Tinnitus Facts



WHAT IS A HEARING TESTWhat is a hearing test?

A hearing test takes place in a sound-proofed room or cubicle. You will take a seat, put on some headphones and listen.

We will start playing sounds that start at a bass tone and work up to treble tone and ask you to push a button when you hear each sound. Each time you press the button, we will plot your results which will enable them ascertain your hearing range.

Once your type and degree of hearing loss has been determined, we will be able to decide how much amplification you will need; they may then show you a range of instruments appropriate for your individual hearing loss and together we can decide what is right for you.

Our hearing tests aren’t confined to a “one size fits all” approach, but carefully designed to match each individual we see at one of our clinics. We assess the specific conditions of their hearing. Our staff are qualified to ensure that every client feels comfortable and that their hearing gets the best assessment by using the latest diagnostic technologies.

Our Testing Range

At Hearing And Audiology, we offer a comprehensive range of hearing tests, which includes the following subtypes:

•Adult Testing

•Children’s Testing

• Pensioners and Veterans ( read more here)

•Tinnitus assessments

•Industrial and Commercial Drivers

•WorkCover Tests

•Civil Aviation and Pilot Testing

•Diving Tests

•Westrail Track Access Accreditation

These tests are carried out in both quiet and noisy environments, so that we can be effective at determining particular types of hearing loss and determine the best course of treatment.

Test Rebates

Our audiologists are registered with Medicare. Medicare rebates are available if you are referred by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist or Neurologist. If you are on a complex care plan with your GP rebates also apply with a referral.

Some private health funds provide rebates and you will need to contact your individual health insurer.

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SPECIAL OFFER – International Noise Awareness Day 20th Anniversary



International Noise Awareness Day 20th Anniversary – April 29, 2015

20% Discount on Custom Earplug Design

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‘Noise health effects’ are the health consequences of elevated sound levels. Elevated workplace or other noise can cause hearing impairment, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbance. Changes in the immune system and birth defects have been attributed to noise exposure. Noise exposure also has been known to induce tinnitus, hypertension, vasoconstriction, and other cardiovascular adverse effects. Beyond these effects, elevated noise levels can create stress, increase workplace accident rates, and stimulate aggression and other anti-social behaviors. The most significant causes are vehicle and aircraft noise, prolonged exposure to loud music, and industrial noise. SPECIAL OFFER - International Noise Awareness Day 20th Anniversary


App that measures noise.

App that measures noise
Sounds are measured using the decibel scale. An increase of 10 sounds twice as loud but has ten times more power or energy to cause damage. The larger the number, the shorter the period of time for exposure before damage occurs. Avoiding exposure to sounds that are too loud, for too long, or too close is the most effective prevention for noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

Found this fun app called Keep The Noise Down. It measures the noise levels in your house, workplace or classroom and an alarm triggers if you go over the limit! Noise Down lets you set an alarmed noise level for your house, classroom, workplace or elsewhere. As soon as someone goes your specified limit, an alert sounds!

Name and shame the noisiest people! Helps reduce the noise in your relationship, with the kids, in the office and more

Noise Down is fun way to measure and control the noise levels in your home, workplace, classroom, or anywhere you need to “keep the noise down”.

It is very easy to use, and the results can be quite astonishing, with noticeable reduction in the noise around you – shouting, screaming, yelling – restore some calm around you. that measures noise


Hearing And Audiology are proud members of Independent Audiologists Australia

Why consult an independent audiologist?

Independent audiologists own and operate their own practices, which means that the owner of the clinic has qualified at university and is trained as an audiologist.

Hearing And Audiology are proud members of Independent Audiologists Australia
Hearing And Audiology are proud members of Independent Audiologists Australia

Independent audiologists are not owned by or closely affiliated to hearing device manufacturers.

Independent audiologists provide continuity of service – you will see the same audiologist at each visit and know that the work of any employee is overseen by a qualified audiologist.

Independent audiologists do not work to sales targets or receive commission on hearing device sales.

Independent audiologist provide advice and guide your rehabilitation decisions. Full explanations will be given for all recommendations that are linked to your hearing and communication needs.

Independent audiologists will deliver professional services tailored to your needs, as shown from a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Independent audiologists can offer government funded services – for Hearing Services Program voucher holders, WorkCover or WorkSafe candidates, Department of Veterans Affairs and where Medicare rebates apply.


Custom Earplugs

Long-term exposure to loud noises can lead to a permanent loss of hearing, no matter your age. If you have to raise your voice or shout in order to be heard at your workplace, then you’re definitely working in a noisy environment.Fortunately, Hearing & Audiology has developed earplugs that can help you prevent hearing loss or mitigate the effects of working in a noisy environment, with options to adjust their protection according to the level of sound to which you’re most often exposed.Custom Earplugs

Custom Earplug Designs

We can design earplugs for the following needs:

  • Noise (i.e., industrial, shooting, motorcycle riding)
  • Musicians (i.e., concert performances, stage shows)
  • Swimming (for amateur and professional athletes)

Our in-house design team can fashion a set of custom earplugs for every shape and size, using trusted international brands as our model. We can fit them to the shape of your ear, so that you can wear them all day without irritation or discomfort. It’s also important to remember that earplugs reduce the level of noise without cancelling it entirely, so you won’t be able to block out someone talking or snoring.

How Do I Know If I Need Earplugs at Work?

To find out if your workplace is noisy enough to require earplugs, WorkCover WA has set standard at a decibel level of 90 dbA for 8 hours or more. You can find more information at their official website.

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