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Finding the right hearing aid for you

Finding the right hearing aid for you
Choosing the right hearing aids is an extremely personal decision, and one that’s crucial to get right. Your hearing aid needs to be specially suited to your particular type and degree of hearing loss in order to function properly. On top of this, it needs to fit perfectly and be suitable for your lifestyle and budget. Even after you’ve chosen the right hearing aid with the help of one of our in-house hearing aid experts in Perth, WA, you’ll need to adjust to the device and learn when, where and how to use it effectively to achieve the best results.

Our expert clinicians and audiologists in Perth can guide you through the decision-making process to help you choose a assistive listening devices that’s suitable for you. They’ll help you compare types and styles of hearing aids and give you tips for how best to use your hearing aid device.

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Styles of Hearing Aids
The style of hearing aids you choose will affect the way you look and feel when wearing it. Each style functions differently and is suitable for different types of hearing loss. There are four main styles to choose from: behind the ear (BTE); ultra-small (also BTE); completely in the canal (CIC); and the custom half shell. They are available in a range of fashionable designs as well as discreet colours to match your hair or skin tone.
· Behind the Ear hearing aids amplify incoming sounds in a behind-the-ear device and transmit them into the ear via a custom ear mould. BTE models are available for people of all ages and almost all types and degrees of hearing loss.
· Ultra-Small behind the Ear hearing aids work the same way as their larger counterparts, but are smaller and more discreet. A portion of the aid sits behind the ear and is connected to a very small, unobtrusive tube inserted into the ear. This type of aid is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.
· Completely in the Canal and Custom in-the-ear models are made to fit the shape of your ear canal for maximum benefit and the best possible comfort. Various shapes and sizes are available from full or half-shell models to completely in-the-canal devices. These are designed for mild to severe hearing loss.
· Invisible in the Canal hearing aids are the latest and tiniest hearing aids, smaller than a CIC, and can fit up to a severe hearing loss. They are tucked away behind the second bend of the ear canal making them ultra-discreet, great for telephone usage and away from dust and debris. Some models are remote controllable using your smart phone or home telephone.
If you’re considering to buy a hearing aid, why not come in and have a chat to one of our experienced audiologists in perth about which hearing aid or assistive listening device is right for you? Visit here to browse the common brands of hearing aids in Perth that our customers prefer.
Our Hearing Aid Specialists in Perth are leaders in their field and are more than happy to discuss your hearing aid options in any of our three Western Australia Locations. Alternatively, Book an appointment online or you can contact us on any one of our clinic for more information.

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