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Happy New Year From Hearing and Audiology
New Years is a noisy time of year with fireworks, noisemakers, bars, yelling and screaming crowds, and other loud sounds piercing the environment. Fireworks and firecrackers have been found to register noise levels of 162 dB and 150 dB, respectively. To avoid experiencing hearing loss as a result of exposure to loud noises this New Year’s Eve you should adhere to these tips:
  1. Invest in a set of inexpensive foam earplugs, available at local Pharmacy’s. These can reduce noise by as much as 30 db.
  2. Hearing aid users should adjust their program memory settings for noise reduction or a reduced level in the music setting. If their instrument doesn’t have this feature, a pair of noise-reducing earmuffs can be of benefit.
  3. If children are joining you at New Year’s celebrations make hearing protection a family affair. Talk to your kids about the importance of wearing hearing protection.
These precautions should help prevent people from damaging their hearing or developing a temporary case of tinnitus. It’s not just the excessive noise of football stadiums, but also some of the most routine celebratory events that can be damaging to ears.
Have a Careful, Noise Reduced, New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year from Hearing And Audiology.
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