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The 7 Most Common Hearing Loss Questions Answered

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If you or a relative are experiencing hearing loss or worried about it, you probably have a lot of questions! Below we’ve answered seven of the most queries we get:

1. How Can I Tell If I Have a Hearing Problem?

Hearing loss is rarely a sudden event – it’s more likely to creep up on you gradually. For this reason, it’s often other people that notice the change first. Here are a few signs you might have a problem:
  • You like the TV volume louder than you used to, or louder than others in your family like it
  • You regularly ask people to repeat themselves
  • You have problems following conversations with multiple people or in noisy environments, such as a busy office or shop
  • You experience a buzzing/ringing sound
It might be time to get your hearing checked if you experience one or more of these problems.

2. What Causes Hearing Loss?

Common causes of hearing loss include ageing, exposure to loud noises, infections, and genetic reasons. Other causes include viral infections, certain diseases, and a reaction to certain medications. A build-up of earwax is also a common cause of temporary hearing loss.

3. Does Hearing Loss Mean I Will Go Deaf?

It is impossible to say without a professional hearing evaluation and diagnosis. Many causes of hearing loss are progressive (they get worse over time) but often they reach a certain point and then stabilise. The best way to ensure you minimise the effect of hearing loss is to get effective treatment.

4. Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive?

Some hearing aids are expensive, but you’re paying for a lot more than just the physical item. The cost covers the research and development of both the software and the hardware necessary to create that hearing aid. Hearing aid manufacturers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing cutting-edge products that will help improve your hearing. That investment means that today’s hearing aids are smaller, have more features, and offer better sound quality.

5. What Is The Best Hearing Aid?

There is no one definitive best hearing aid. The right choice for you will depend upon your specific needs. Visit your local hearing specialist to get a diagnosis and a recommendation for which hearing aids will be best for you.

6. How Do I Choose a Hearing Aid?

Your hearing specialist will make recommendations according to your diagnosis. After that, your choice is largely personal preference. Different brands and models offer different features and styles at different price levels. Typically, smaller, less obtrusive hearing aids will cost more.
We recommend the following brands: Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, Siemens, Widex, and Starkey. Any hearing aid suitable for your diagnosis from one of these brands will be of high quality.

7. What Should I Do If I Suspect Hearing Loss?

Don’t wait! The sooner you get your hearing checked, the better. If you have a problem, a diagnosis will help improve your quality of life, and in many cases, prompt treatment can help slow down further hearing loss.

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