If you’re looking for a hearing aid, you might be wondering where to start. There are hundreds of brands out there, and many of them seem very similar. You should always carefully consider the recommendations of your hearing aid professional, and you can’t go wrong if they suggest any one of the following five brands.

We’ve been using these brands for our customers for years, and each one has had a strong start to 2019. In no particular order, our top 5 hearing aid brands for 2019 are:


Sivantos Ltd, producers of the Signia, Rexton and Siemens branded hearing aids, are one of the biggest producers of hearing aids in the world. One out of every four hearing aids produced worldwide come under the Sivantos umbrella, and they have customers in 95 countries around the world.

Their current headline product, the Signia Stylette, is a stylish hearing aid infused with smart technology. These slimline hearing aids are focused on providing the highest possible level of quality and customer satisfaction and come packed with advanced features, including streaming from televisions, batteries that last for four days, and high-quality sound courtesy of Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVP).


Widex, a family-owned company from Denmark, is another large hearing aid manufacturer. They have a history of delivering innovative new approaches and technologies and were the first company to produce in-ear hearing aids.

Their latest product, the Widex Evoke, claims to be the world’s first “smart” hearing aid. When you adjust your hearing aid, the Evoke learns. It remembers the settings you use in different environments and uses this information to adjust itself for a better listening experience.

Additionally, the Evoke sends this data back to Widex anonymously, helping them to fine-tune their hearing aids to the benefit of every Widex customer.


Founded in 1964, Starkey has a long history of helping users access high-quality hearing solutions. Starkey has long been at the forefront of hearing aid innovation; they were the first company to produce an iPhone app and the first to use both digital and nano technology.

Starkey’s Muse iQ technology helps you to hear in a wide range of challenging situations. Acuity™ Immersion Directionality improves speech audibility in even the loudest and most difficult hearing situations, while high-performance wireless streaming keeps you connected to TV, music, and smartphones.


Phonak have been helping the world to hear better for more than 70 years, and now have customers in more than 100 countries. Phonak’s latest technology, the Phonak Audéo Marvel, was a winner at the recent CES 2019 Innovation Awards in the Accessibility Category.

The Audéo Marvel is the first universal Bluetooth hearing aid that can support direct stereo steaming from both Android and iOS phones. This enables wearers to better experience high-quality sound when on the phone, listening to music, or watching video.


Unitron produces both behind-the-ear and in-ear hearing aids. Their Moxi Now hearing aid is the world’s smallest wireless Receive-in-Ear (RIC) hearing aid, enabling wearers to look great and hear in comfort. Winner of the 2017 reddot award for ‘best of the best’, the Moxi Now is a popular choice for many consumers.

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