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What is a Hearing Test?

Hearing booth

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test takes place in a sound-proofed room or cubicle. You will take a seat, put on some headphones and listen.

We will start playing sounds that start at a bass tone and work up to treble tone and ask you to push a button when you hear each sound. Each time you press the button, we will plot your results which will enable them ascertain your hearing range.

Once your type and degree of hearing loss has been determined, we will be able to decide how much amplification you will need; they may then show you a range of instruments appropriate for your individual hearing loss and together we can decide what is right for you.

Our hearing tests aren’t confined to a “one size fits all” approach, but carefully designed to match each individual we see at one of our clinics. We assess the specific conditions of their hearing. Our staff are qualified to ensure that every client feels comfortable and that their hearing gets the best assessment by using the latest diagnostic technologies.

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Our Testing Range

At Hearing And Audiology, we offer a comprehensive range of hearing tests, which includes the following subtypes:

These tests are carried out in both quiet and noisy environments, so that we can be effective at determining particular types of hearing loss and determine the best course of treatment.

Test Rebates

Our audiologists are registered with Medicare. Medicare rebates are available if you are referred by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist or Neurologist. If you are on a complex care plan with your GP rebates also apply with a referral.

Some private health funds provide rebates and you will need to contact your individual health insurer.

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