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Why Our Sense of Hearing Matters?

Why Our Sense of Hearing Matters
Do you find yourself in a position where you suffer from mild or moderate hearing loss and the fact that social distancing adds to your hearing woes? Look no further than Hearing & Audiology to find a solution for you.
Hearing is an extremely important part of our group of senses, and we at Hearing and Audiology understand the importance of quality of life and being able to use your hearing to function in society.
Hearing is probably one of the most vital senses of any human being. The ability to hear connects us to the people around us. We require our hearing to enable us to communicate with those around us in an effective manner.

Apart from the social aspect, we also need our hearing to keep us away from any danger. reported that one in every six people suffer from hearing loss and that 30 000 people suffer from complete loss of hearing – that is a staggering total of 17% of the total Australian population!

Luckily with the invention of hearing aids and our solutions-oriented services at Hearing & Audiology, we can find the right hearing solution for you that suits your unique needs.

What are the Signs of Early Hearing Loss?

The loss of hearing will be different for every individual, but some of the telltale signs are:
There is no denying that none of these signs and symptoms is ideal. Unfortunately, they are part of life, and we at Hearing & Audiology can assist with a range of hearing aid options and services.

How can we Help You?

We offer a range of comprehensive hearing solutions to the public, such as:
Apart from our fitting services, we can guarantee after-sales satisfaction by ensuring that your hearing aid keeps performing at the expected pace as time goes by.
Naturally, over time, your hearing will change, and so will the needs of your hearing device. We are ready and standing by to assist whenever the need arises.
Hearing & Audiology has the capacity to stock parts and accessories of some of our popular models on site. Should there be a need to have your device repaired or maintained off-site, we can assist by sourcing a quote on your behalf and arranging for the entire process to be done as soon as possible.
Fitting Services
One of our knowledgeable experts will assist by creating a tailor-made hearing treatment plan that suits both your budget as well as your unique style and needs.
We will provide you with all of the options and help you make the best possible choice to enhance your hearing.
Payment plans and financial assistance
Many people have fallen under hardships due to the unforgiving nature of the Covid pandemic on a worldwide scale.
If you find yourself in financial difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss a suitable payment plan. We assess each instance on a case-by-case basis, and we would love to welcome you, regardless of your current financial situation.
Contact us today on (08) 938 8003 or via our online contact form, and find out for yourself how we can enhance your life by improving your hearing.

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