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Exceptional Phonak Hearing Aids Perth

Perth’s Trusted Phonak Audéo Life & Virto Paradise Suppliers

Your ability to hear the world around you has a direct impact on your quality of life. Whether listening to the grandkids coming through the door, your favourite programs on television, or simply taking in the beauty of the world around you, you deserve an exceptional hearing experience everywhere and anywhere you go.

At Hearing and Audiology, we’re committed to delivering the best services to solve your hearing problems. Since 1985, we’ve been there for Western Australians struggling with hearing challenges, and providing reliable and affordable solutions using the latest technology available.

We’re proud to supply the latest in Phonek products including Phonak Audéo Life and Phonak Virto Paradise.

Read on to discover more about Phonak’s latest range of innovative products to stay confident and connected while enjoying the world on your terms.

What is Phonak Audéo Life?

The world’s first waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid, Phonak Audéo Life combines the hearing performance of Audéo Paradise with a durabler new housing that offers protection from water.

Offering protection against both salt and freshwater up to 50cm (1.64 feet), Phonak Audéo LifeTM also offers protection against pool water and workout sweat. In short, wherever you want to go, your Audéo LifeTM  hearing aids can take you there.

Additional features include:

  • 16 hour battery life
  • Crisp, natural sound
  • Brilliant speech understanding
  • Personalised noise cancelling
  • Voice assistant (tap activated)

Best of all, using existing SDS 4.0 receivers, your hearing aids provide universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger™ microphones and the myPhonak app. Your Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid will also deliver key health indicators including your daily step count and activity levels. That means you can set clear health goals and use your everyday hearing device to stay on track and enjoy wellness – whatever that looks like to you.

Advantages of Phonak Audéo Life™ hearing aids
✓ Waterproof and sweat proof
✓ Silicone sealed seams
✓ Proven Paradise performance
✓ Pin-less receiver port
✓ Durable housing (tested beyond IP68)
✓ Health data tracking
✓ Inductive charging case

What is Phonak Virto Paradise?

Phonak Virto Paradise is the custom-designed and discreet hearing aid designed to fit specifically to your ear. Supporting mild to severe hearing loss, the Phonak Virto Paradise model is available in four styles.

At Hearing and Audiology, we’re proud to supply the Phonak Virto Paradise 312 and the unrivalled accessibility it provides.

Enjoy universal connectivity whether you’re watching your smart TV, receiving hands-free calls from friends and family, or intuitively distinguishing between streamed music and speech for crisp, natural sound.

Powered by the innovative technology of the Phonak Paradise platform, Virto Paradise hearing aids are the perfect solution for those seeking a custom-made product able to deliver best-in-class hearing performance and functionality.

Additional features include:

  • Multiple Bluetooth® connections
  • Connects to smartphones, TV, Roger and more
  • Easily switch between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth capabilities
  • Stream hands-free calls from iOS, Android, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices

Who are Phonak hearing aids suitable for?

In a word – you.

If you’re struggling with mild to severe hearing loss that’s affecting your day-to-day quality of life, impacting your confidence, and preventing you from fully living your life, Phonak’s range of cutting edge products are for you.

With the addition of the world’s first waterproof hearing aid (including fresh, pool or salt water) you no longer need to stress about your hearing aids when you’re caught in the rain, sweating in the gym, or spending time by the pool.

3.6 million Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss. Hearing challenges don’t discriminate, which makes the sleek, modern and discreet engineering of Phonak’s Audéo Life and Virto Paradise models perfect for you.

How long will my Phonak hearing aids last for?

Most modern hearing aids have a life expectancy of between 3 and 7 years.

However, you can maximise the lifespan of your hearing devices and protect your investment by following some simple care and maintenance strategies.

Daily Hearing Aid Cleaning: Inspect your Phonak earpiece for earwax or moisture deposits. Clean your hearing device with a lint-free cloth and avoid using cleaning agents like household detergents or soap as these may damage your hearing aids.

Weekly Hearing Aid Cleaning: Clean your hearing aids once a week with a soft, damp cloth or with a specialty hearing device cleaning cloth. For more in-depth cleaning instructions, or to request more information about Phonak products, get in touch with your local Hearing and Audiology specialist.

We have five locations across Western Australia. Click here to discover your nearest hearing and testing centre.

Why choose us?

As independent hearing specialists, we’re a locally owned and operated business with a highly qualified team of hearing care professionals that are internationally accredited and Australian trained.

We understand the frustration and anxiety that comes with hearing challenges and we’re passionate about helping all Australians find the comfort, satisfaction and joy they deserve whether it comes from a free hearing test, swift hearing aid repair, tinnitus treatment, or any other service.

We also work with highly trusted hearing aids suppliers in Australia that offer state-of-the-art hearing aid products optimised to your capacity to hear. As proud Phonak partners, we offer the best brands to our local customers because they deserve the best – it’s as simple as that.

Reach out and speak to an independent hearing specialist today

With countless hearing aid brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what’s right for you.

That’s where we can help.

While Phonak devices are known for their better, clearer sound and connectivity features that help you connect your everyday tasks to your hearing aids, we’re driven to find the right fit for your unique challenges.

Most Australians haven’t been screened for hearing loss since school (if at all). Don’t wait until you’re suffering from significant hearing loss to pursue treatment options. At Hearing and Audiology, we offer:

As your trusted hearing experts, we encourage you to discover why there’s nothing like the sound of life! Learn more or arrange your appointment today by calling us on (08) 9388 8003.

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