Trial Hearing Aids

Hearing and Audiology offer one week hearing aid trials, where you can take a pair of hearing aids home for one week and experience the difference they can make in your everyday life.

Our audiologists will recommend what hearing aids are suitable for you to trial, depending on your hearing loss and hearing requirements. We offer trials on most of our hearing aids, as long as they have been recommended as suitable for you by one of our audiologists and do not require custom manufacturing.

There is no cost to trial the aids at home for one week. The only associated cost is the required appointment with an audiologist.

In order to select the right aid for you to trial, and to set the aid up for your unique hearing needs, you will need to attend a standard hearing assessment. After one of our clinicians has tested your hearing they will discuss with you what hearing aids are suitable for you .You will then be able to choose a hearing aid, which will be set up for you to take home and trial.

If you have had a hearing test with us in the last 6 months you do not need a reassessment of your hearing. You will need to attend a hearing aid discussion appointment to determine which hearing aid would best suit your needs. At this appointment a clinician will also set up and fit you with a trial hearing aid. You are then free to use the aid at home for one week.

We do ask for a copy of your credit card and driver’s licence at the appointment, and for you to sign a trial agreement, for security purposes. This information will be destroyed at the completion of the trial, once hearing aids are returned. If you keep your hearing aids longer than the agreed return date there is a weekly hire fee. You are also liable for any lost or damaged aids. We will discuss all of this with you at your appointment, and give you a copy of the trial agreement for your own records.

Promotional Trials

Occasionally when a new hearing aid is launched we will run a promotional trial period. This gives our clinicians an opportunity to practice setting up the new hearing aid, and more importantly, it gives us an opportunity to get firsthand feedback from hearing aid users about the new aid.

Currently there are no promotional trials happening.

What now?

If you have any further questions about trialing hearing aids please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call (08) 9388 8003 between 8.30am – 5.00pm weekdays or use the form on the left of this page to get in touch.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to trial hearing aids please call (08) 9388 8003 or book online. We have two hearing clinics in Perth, located in Duncraig and Subiaco, and one hearing clinic in Geraldton.

For more information on the types, styles and brands of hearing aid stocked by Hearing and Audiology see here.

For more information on how to choose a hearing aid please read our Guide to Choosing Hearing Aids.

For more information on rebates available on hearing aids please see here.

For our complete list of hearing tests and services see here.

Terms and conditions for one week hearing aid trials at Hearing and Audiology:

  1. Trial hearing aids are only available to people with a suitable hearing loss. If you are not found to have a hearing loss which is suitable for treatment with hearing aids you will not be fitted with a trial aid.
  2. Trail of the aid is free for one week. Standard consult fees apply for all required appointments.
  3. An appointment is necessary to guarantee fitting of a trial aid.
  4. If aids are required all trial aid participants are required to sign a hearing aid liability form, including providing credit card details and a copy of their driver’s license.
    1. This form states trial hearing aid users are financially responsible for trial hearing aids if they are lost or damaged while in the possession of the trial user. Users will be charged for any costs incurred to replace or repair lost or damaged aids.
    2. The form also states that if aids are not returned after the agreed end date of the trial period there will be a $105.00 weekly hire fee for every week the aids are not returned.
    3. Your credit card will not be charged unless you breach the terms outlined in 6.1 or 6.2.
    4. At the conclusion of the trial, once aids are returned, all credit card and driver’s license details are destroyed.
  5. If the trial hearing aid user does not purchase aids there will be no financial cost incurred at the end of the trial period provided aids are returned in working order by the agreed date.
  6. If you are an Australian Pensioner you may be eligible for free hearing services through the Hearing Services Program, including free hearing testing and free hearing aids. Please inform us if you are an Australian Pensioner so we are able to provide these services to you. If you qualify for free services you are still able to trial aids, however depending on the trial aids you select, the aids themselves may not be free under the Hearing Services Program. You may purchase them as ‘Top Up’ aids at your own cost. Please speak to one of our friendly team for more information on this option.

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For more information about our hearing healthcare services, please call (08) 9388 8003 or book online using the form below. We conduct hearing tests at our Perth based clinics, located in Subiaco and Duncraig, as well as at our Geraldton clinic.

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