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Professional Audiology Services

We are registered with Medicare, Hearing Services Program, WorkCover, Audiology Australia, Australian College of Audiology and Independent Audiology Australia.

  1. Pensioners – are able to obtain free hearing services and free hearing aids with a voucher from the Hearing Services Program. A referral from you with your provider number is all that is required, we are able to arrange the rest. You can find more information, as well as the medical form required, here.
  2. Veterans Affairs – are eligible also for free hearing services and hearing aids as outlined in ‘Pensioners’ above. They will need a Gold Card or White Card listing hearing as a disability.
  3. Chronic Disease Management – our registration with Medicare enables us to provide these services with a completed Allied Health form from you – includes children.
  4. Specialist Request – From ENT Specialists and Neurologists – Medicare rebatable.
  5. Children – Our paediatric audiologist specialist has many years of experience with children of all ages.
  6. Adult – We specialise in adult diagnoses and rehabilitation including specialised hearing aid prescription and fitting.
  7. Hearing Aids – A good price range with a wide range of styles, manufacturers and levels of technology. Custom made Hearing aids, expertly fitted with extensive hearing aid management training for successful hearing aid usage. Free trials are available.
  8. WorkCover – these tests are usually ordered by and paid for by the employer.
  9. Insurance Claims – for hearing loss organised through Insurance Companies.
  10. Tinnitus – treatment with Neuromonics protocol has over 80% success rate. Treatment can be approved by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Neuromonics is approved by America FDA, and is especially successful for Veterans returning from conflict areas who are suffering from tinnitus.
  11. Hyperacusis – Acoustic shock diagnoses and treatment are available.
  12. Earplugs – custom made especially useful with grommets or perforations, or to prevent hearing loss in individuals regularly exposed to noise, such musicians.

If your patient has private health insurance they may be eligible for a rebate on hearing assessments, tinnitus treatments or hearing aids. They will need to contact their insurer to find this information out.

We are proud to celebrate over 30 years in business during which we have built a reputation for professional, friendly customer service and the ability to turn people into successful hearing aid users.

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