Free Hearing Services for Pensioners & Veterans

Hearing and Audiology offers the best in hearing care and audiological services. We are accredited by the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program to provide free and government-subsidised hearing services for both Pensioners and Veterans who require hearing assessments and hearing loss treatment. This includes access to top-quality hearing aids and complementary accessories for the television using headsets or Bluetooth for DVA eligible clients.

How to Know If You’re Eligible

Australian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the Hearing Services Program if they are an Australian Pensioner or Veteran. Due to the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s introduction we cannot give a complete list of the types of Australian Pension Holders eligible for free hearing services. If you think the above applies to you please call us on (08) 9388 8003 and we can instantly check your eligibility over the phone, all you need is your CRN Number found on your Pensioner Card. It’s that easy. You can also fill out the form at the end of this page and we will contact you.

How to Register

Once we have checked your eligibility we can register you for the scheme over the phone and book you an appointment. To register, we will need to contact your GP on your behalf so they can complete a medical certificate. Please note, some GPs may wish to see you before signing the medical certificate, they will let you know if this is the case. To give your GP time to complete the paperwork, your hearing test will need to be booked for around 2 weeks’ after you call us. Once your GP has completed the medical certificate and returned it to us your registration is complete and you are entitled to free hearing services.

What Free Hearing Services Are You Entitled To?

You are entitled to a free hearing test every year. If you have a diagnosed hearing loss you are also entitled to free hearing aids and hearing aid support. For a small yearly fee, called batteries and maintenance, you are also entitled to free hearing aid repairs and free batteries.

If you want a hearing aid that has additional features to the free hearing aids available under the Hearing Services Program then you are able to buy that hearing aid as a ‘Top-Up Aid’. This means the Hearing Services Program pays a contribution and you pay the rest. If you have private health insurance which includes hearing aids, you are also eligible for a rebate on any payment you make. The decision to buy a ‘Top-Up Aid’ is entirely yours, and we only recommend this option if you need the additional features and can afford the cost. Do not feel pressured into paying for a hearing aid if you do not understand why you need to upgrade, you are entitled to a free hearing aid and this may be perfectly suitable for your hearing needs. Please feel free to speak with us about this option, we are always happy to help.

If you were previously fitted with hearing aids under the Hearing Services Program then you are eligible for new hearing aids after 5 years. We strongly recommend you update your hearing aids after 5 years, as technology is constantly evolving and the benefits from new hearing aids can be enormous.

What should I do now?

Please call (08) 9388 8003 with your Pensioner Card Number and doctor’s name and we can begin registering you over the phone. You can also fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange your free hearing services.

Once your registration is complete we will call you to book your free hearing test, registration usually takes about 2 weeks.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our hearing healthcare services, please call (08) 9388 8003.

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