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Click here to take our free Hearing Loss Screening Test online and find out if you should see an audiologist.

The purpose of this test is to screen for adults who should see an audiologist to have their hearing tested.

If you score more than 3 out of 12 on the test, it is recommended you see an audiologist. If you scored 2 or less but are still concerned about your hearing, we still recommend consulting an audiologist.

Online Hearing Test

Our online hearing loss screening test is quick and easy

When was the last time you had a hearing test? Most people haven’t been screened for hearing since their school years, but your hearing can become less sharp over time.

Many people wait until they experience a noticeable loss in hearing or encounter another health issue like an ear infection before going for a hearing test. But regular testing can help catch an issue before it becomes an impairment.

At Hearing and Audiology, we provide hearing loss screening tests to people of all ages and in any situation. Our tests include:

We’ve provided independent hearing services in Western Australia since 1985. All of our clinicians are registered and members of a number of professional organizations. Hearing and Audiology can assess hearing ability and needs and recommend options for strategies, hearing aid options, or medical specialists.

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Who are these tests suitable for?

There’s no single sign that it’s time for a hearing loss screening test. However, if you notice you’re struggling to hear like you used to, going for a test is a great idea. You’ll be able to uncover or rule out any issues and improve your quality of life by having the problem addressed.

Babies and young children are regularly checked as proper hearing can lead to proper development. This is crucial as children that show signs of hearing difficulty may go for more regular assessments or to a medical professional to rule out any underlying causes.

People who work in extremely noisy environments for prolonged periods of time, such as factories or airports, may also be eligible for baseline testing and regular audiological tests. This can help preserve health as well as ensure proper compensation by programs like WorkCover if your hearing is damaged on the job.

What are the benefits?

✔️ Improved quality of interactions
✔️ Diagnosis of related health issues
✔️ Enhanced safety and responsiveness
✔️ Prevention of worsening conditions
✔️ Increased personal confidence

What different types of tests are available?

Your hearing and audiology specialist will administer the hearing test that is best for your particular situation. However, there are a few standard types.

  • Tinnitus assessments for ringing in the ears
  • Pure tone testing for pitch and frequency
  • Bone conduction testing for blockages
  • Acoustic reflex testing for neural pathway assessment
  • Acoustic noise testing after exposure to loud sounds
  • Hyperacusis testing for noise sensitivity

How long does this type of test take?

For the peace of mind and quality of life improvements a hearing loss screening test can lead to, they are painless and short to sit through. Most tests take no more than 30-60 minutes. You’ll usually wear headphones or engage with a device that emits sounds at different volumes and frequencies. The audiologist will record the results in real time and provide you with an assessment to discuss next steps in the same appointment.

How much does a hearing test cost in Perth?

The cost can vary a bit depending on how many tests are conducted in an appointment. On average, you can expect a hearing loss screening test to cost between $100 to $180. If you have access to health insurance or a pension card, a portion of the expense may be covered for you. Be sure to ask your provider about eligibility for coverage or rebates when booking your appointment.

Take action on your health today with Hearing and Audiology in Perth

Hearing and Audiology in Perth are your local hearing specialists for everything from testing to hearing aids. We use state of the art technology and hearing products to help our customers improve their quality of life. To support the community, we provide free and government-subsidised hearing services for pensioners and veterans.

With over 34 years of experience, our team is committed to providing exceptional care and follow-up services for our clients. For more information about our hearing healthcare services, please call (08) 9388 8003 or book online today. We conduct tests at our Perth based clinics located in Subiaco and Duncraig as well as at our Geraldton clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Tests In Perth

Do hearing loss screening tests hurt?

Absolutely not. Our audiologist will test your ability to detect sounds in each ear at different frequencies, tones, volumes, and lengths. You might find some of the bells or beeps a bit repetitive after a while, but since a hearing test does not last long, you don’t have to worry. They may also look in your ear using an otoscope, but this is a non-invasive check and takes just a few seconds.

What are the signs I might need the test?

Regular testing and prevention are the best methods. But if you run into any of these signs, you may want to ring up an audiologist.

  • Difficulty hearing among background noise
  • Ringing sensations or sounds in your ears
  • Feedback from others that you talk too loud
  • Frequently turning up the volume on devices
  • Asking people to repeat themselves in conversation

How often should I have my hearing tested?

It’s recommended to have your hearing checked regularly, at least once yearly. This can help catch any issues as they crop up. If you work in a noisy environment, your employer or union may mandate regular testing to ensure your safety and health. Anyone already aware of hearing issues should have regular testing done as recommended by their audiologist or GP to monitor changes.

Is hearing loss just a problem for the elderly?

Not at all. One in six Australians struggle with hearing loss, half of whom are between the ages of 16-65. With less emphasis on hearing as part of comprehensive health, many people go without treatment or realizing that their hearing is diminishing over time until it reaches worsening levels. Issues with hearing can lead to interpersonal, communication, well-being, and employment issues. This makes it important for everyone, even the young or those with no prior history of trouble hearing, to go for regular hearing tests.

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