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Comprehensive Range of Adult Hearing Tests

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Fully Qualified Specialists for Adult Hearing Tests

Hearing loss can affect anyone, regardless of age or background. Reclaim your life with hearing tests and treatments customised to your needs.

Our hearing tests aren’t confined to a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we carefully design each test to match each individual we see. We assess the specific conditions of your hearing to identify the best test and treatment options – so you can reclaim your everyday quality of life.

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With clinics located in Perth and Geraldton, our staff are fully qualified to ensure that every client feels comfortable and that their hearing gets the best assessment using the latest diagnostic technologies. At Hearing And Audiology, we offer a comprehensive range of adult hearing tests, which includes the following subtypes:

These tests are carried out in both quiet and noisy environments so that we can be effective at determining particular types of hearing loss and determine the best course of treatment.

We also perform child hearing tests and wax removal plus offer custom earplugs and hearing aids to ensure you have the resources and support you need to enjoy life and the sounds it brings.

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For more information about our hearing healthcare services, please call (08) 9388 8003 or book online using the form below. We conduct the tests at our Perth based clinics, located in Subiaco and Duncraig, as well as at our Geraldton clinic.

Why are annual hearing tests important?

Is hearing loss starting to impact your quality of life? If you’re concerned about hearing loss, it’s best to schedule a hearing test and take steps to move forward with confidence.


Regular hearing tests are crucial as many Australians are unaware they’re suffering from hearing loss. Figures from the Australian Government show roughly 3.6 million Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss… and you could be one of them without realising it.

  • Do you have difficulty hearing background noise?
  • Do you find yourself regularly turning up the TV volume?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat themselves when speaking?
  • Do you find it difficult to hear conversations via the phone?
  • Do you listen to music or TV with a higher volume than others require?


These warning signs are more than frustrations to your daily routine. They may be signs of gradual hearing loss that have the potential to impact your quality of life in a significant way if not treated quickly. If you’re concerned about your hearing, or the hearing of a loved one, reach out on (08) 9388 8003 or book online to schedule a hearing test.

How do hearing tests for adults work?


At Hearing And Audiology, we offer simple and pain-free hearing tests to determine the degree of your hearing loss. Our comprehensive diagnostic assessment typically examines the inner and outer ear to identify any wax blockages as well as overall eardrum health. We also use a range of state-of-the-art tools to check the severity of your hearing loss as well as the type (conductive, sensorineural or mixed).


A basic hearing test for adults conducted in one of our Perth-based clinics includes three components: An otoscopy, tympanometry and audiogram.


Outer Ear Testing (Otoscopy): Using an otoscope, we look inside the ear canal. This torch-like instrument allows us to check for blockages in the form of wax or debris.


Middle Ear Testing (Tympanometry): We test the middle ear by blowing a small puff of air into the ear canal. This allows us to test whether the eardrum and middle ear bones are moving properly and working well.


Entire Ear Testing (Audiogram): We play a series of differently pitched sounds through a set of headphones to test the smallest sounds you can hear. By pressing a button to correspond with sound, we can quantify your hearing threshold and identify whether a hearing device is suitable.


Through a holistic look at your hearing, we treat your hearing loss challenges as a whole picture and deliver custom treatment options that take into account your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. 


We also offer a range of other hearing tests including:


What happens after my hearing test?


Once your hearing test is complete, your audiologist will deliver your results with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We’ll walk you through the results to ensure you have a full understanding of your hearing loss and how it relates to the problems you’re experiencing. 


Following your hearing test, our audiologists will go over your options for treatment. For example, we recommend you come back for further testing or that you purchase hearing aids. We partner with leading hearing aid brands that include Invisible Hearing Aids, Receiver In The Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids, Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids (BTE), and Custom In-The-Ear Hearing Aids (ITE).

Where can I take a hearing test?


We conduct hearing tests at our Perth-based clinics, located in Subiaco, Manning and Duncraig, as well as at our Geraldton clinic. At Hearing & Audiology, our tests are conducted in acoustically-insulated testing booths and using the latest protocols to ensure optimal test reliability. We’re committed to delivering a professional hearing test that is specific to you and your life.

How long does a hearing test take?


Most diagnostic hearing tests take between 30 minutes to one hour. This includes a full case history as well as specialist hearing tests to diagnose any loss of hearing function you may be experiencing. During this test, our local hearing and audiology specialists will check your ability to hear different pitches and loudness to pinpoint the severity and possible causes of your hearing loss.


Our team of experienced audiologists have spent years working with Perth residents to identify, treat and manage hearing loss. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get in touch and schedule a hearing test to experience our friendly, professional and compassionate approach yourself. 

The benefits of scheduling a hearing test


  • Painless and easy… less than 60 minutes of your day can give you your hearing back
  • Improve your quality of life… restore the joy of hearing the sounds that matter to you
  • Regain confidence… and remove the uncertainty that comes with hearing loss
  • Prevent further hearing loss… early diagnosis can prevent further damage
  • Support your physical and mental health… fight anxiety, depression and social isolation

Do you offer rebates?


Our audiologists are registered with Medicare. Medicare rebates are available if you are referred by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist or Neurologist. If you are on a complex care plan with your GP rebates also apply with a referral.


Some private health funds provide rebates and you will need to contact your individual health insurer. Looking for audiologists or hearing aid experts near you? We take online booking 24/7, feel free to book an appointment anytime.

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For more information about our hearing healthcare services, please call (08) 9388 8003 or book online using the form below. We conduct hearing tests at our Perth based clinics, located in Subiaco, Manning and Duncraig, as well as at our Geraldton clinic.
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