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Professional and Reliable Audiologists

About Us

Hearing And Audiology, established and operated by Vivienne Sobon, was the first private practice in Western Australia. Since 1985 we have been dedicated to providing professional, caring service to those who are ‘hearing challenged’, using the latest technology available.
Our highly qualified team of audiologists are internationally accredited and Australian trained.
All our clinicians are registered with the government bodies, the Hearing Services Program and Workcover, and are members of professional organisations, Audiological Society of Australia, Australian College of Audiology and Independent Audiology Australia.
These memberships require ongoing professional development and training to maintain a high level of knowledge and promote excellence and ethics in hearing care.
Our friendly office staff are available to deal with your phone queries during office hours on (08) 9388 8003.

Our Services

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

Use Lyric RISK-FREE for 30 days at Hearing And Audiology – the world’s first and only extended wear 100% invisible hearing aid.


Do you have ringing or other sounds in your ears? See us – we specialise in Tinnitus.
Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

At Hearing And Audiology, we are specialists in helping you with a variety of hearing concerns.
Wax Removal

Wax Removal

We use a combination of micro-suction and manual extraction to safely and effectively remove ear wax. We will also discuss with you how to safely manage ear wax at home.

Phonak Lyric -
See How It Works

Phonak Lyric See How It Works
Phonak Lyric Image
Phonak Lyric Mobile

Paradise by Phonak

Hearing & Audiology Proudly Offers the Newest Hearing Aids – Paradise by Phonak
Rediscover sound with a hearing aid inspired by nature itself. Phonak delivers an unrivalled* hearing experience:
Learn more or send us your enquiry here.
Paradise by Phonak

Introducing Oticon More

Introducing Oticon Feature Image
Introducing Oticon More Hearing Aids
Introducing Oticon More Mobile 2

Discover more sound and get more out of life

As your trusted hearing experts, we encourage you to discover why there’s nothing like the sound of life!
Learn More Or arrange your appointment today by calling us on (08) 9388 8003.

Hearing & Audiology COVID-19 Update

“Your health and hearing are our priority, and for this reason, our clinics have remained open, and will continue to do so during lockdown periods. We have extra safeguards in place if you wish to attend; otherwise, we can offer virtual appointments via phone or video call.
Our offices and waiting rooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected between clients to ensure a safe environment for all.”
Should you attend an appointment, we ask that you adhere to the 1.5m physical distancing rule set out by the Government, and call to re-schedule should you feel unwell. If batteries or other supplies are needed, we are more than happy to post them out to you.
We look forward to seeing you out & about soon.
Stay Safe & Hear Well.

Perth's Expert Audiologists

Perths Trusted Audiologists and Hearing Aid Experts

Professionals You Can Rely On

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then allow us to quickly and professionally assist you.

Want to Know More About Us?

In 1985, Vivienne Sobon founded Hearing And Audiology intending to provide professional caring service to those who are having difficulties with their hearing through the latest technology available. We are the first private practice in Western Australia, and for over 35 years, our passion for helping people with hearing impairments has never changed.

What We Do

We have a highly qualified team of hearing care professionals that are internationally accredited and Australian trained.
We have a highly qualified team of hearing care professionals that are internationally accredited and Australian trained. We cover the Perth metro area, with clinics in Subiaco, Duncraig, and Manning as well as Regional Western Australia, with clinics in Geraldton and Karratha. If you are looking for highly trained, certified and trusted Audiologists near you or if you need help with your hearing or have an existing hearing aid and require assistance, call us on (08) 9388 8003 or book online today for an appointment.
If you’ve noticed any signs of hearing loss in yourself, a friend or family member, Hearing And Audiology can help.
What We Do

What We Can Do For You

Our experienced, university-qualified clinicians can assist you with a full range of services.
Hearing Tests and Assesments

Phonak Lyric -
See How It Works

Phonak Lyric See How It Works Feature Image
Comfortable to wear
100% Invisible
Wide range to choose from (battery operated or rechargeable)
Helps you gain back your sense of hearing
Try our hearing aids at home for 7 days.
Comes with warranty
Restores hearing up to 100%
Durable, long-lasting, and built with your comfort in mind
Lightweight and comes in different colours
Custom earplugs

Why Choose Us

State of the Art Hearing Aids Solutions

State of the Art Hearing Aid Solutions

We work with highly trusted hearing aids suppliers in Australia that offers state-of-the-art hearing aid products optimised to your capacity to hear.
Local Hearing Specialists

Local Hearing Specialists

We’re a locally owned & operated business with a highly qualified team of hearing care professionals that are internationally accredited and Australian trained.
Free Hearing Services for Pensioners and Veterans

Free Hearing Services for Pensioners & Veterans

We are accredited by the Commonwealth Office of Hearing Services to provide free and government-subsidised hearing services for both Pensioners and Veterans who require hearing assessments and hearing loss treatment.
Accurate Diagnostic

Accurate Diagnosis

We can precisely diagnose your level of hearing loss. We are committed to educating the community about hearing loss. We believe that providing people with more information empowers them to make better decisions about their hearing and health.
Highly Experienced

Highly Experienced

We Genuinely care about your hearing. We have over 34 years of experience providing ongoing support & rehabilitation for patients with hearing problems.
Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders

We are industry leaders in hearing aid support, with our personalised treatment plans resulting in over 97% of our hearing aid clients using their hearing aids at follow up.
Comfort and Satisfaction

Comfort & Satisfaction

We provide exact hearing aids fittings and programming that ensures comfort and satisfaction.
Customized Service

Customized Service

We offer a highly exceptional follow-up care and personalised service for children and adults with hearing problems.

Our Team

Our Team
Full Team2021

Hearing and Audiology’s Clinicians

All of Hearing and Audiology’s clinicians are university trained allied health professionals. Our audiologists are accredited by Medicare and the Australian Government. They are experts in hearing-related conditions and can assess, diagnose and treat hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and other hearing-related problems in children and adults.
All our clinicians are hearing aid experts. They also provide preventative hearing loss services such as WorkCover and pre-employment hearing tests and make custom earplugs. All our clinicians attend regular trainings and conferences to ensure they are at the forefront of hearing research and hearing loss treatments. If you have a hearing-related issue and need help, an audiology professional or audiometrist is the person to see.
Hearing & Audiology has 6 clinicians that work across our Subiaco, Duncraig, Manning, & Geraldton clinics. Our clinicians’ specialisations include paediatric audiology and tinnitus assessment and management.

Our Trusted Hearing Aids Suppliers

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