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If you answer yes to any of these questions, then allow us to help you.

Hearing Aid FAQs

Since 1985, Hearing And Audiology have been changing the lives of those who are suffering from hearing impairment. To continue transforming lives by providing excellent solutions tailored fit to your needs and requirements, we partnered with Phonak on bringing the first and widely used 100% invisible hearing aid – Lyric

We’re Perth’s most trusted experts servicing Australians in our clinic in Duncraig, Geraldton and Subiaco. If you think we can help, so you can enjoy life to the fullest – then call us on (08) 9388 8003.

Products We Offer

These products come in a range of styles, their suitability is often dependent on your degree of hearing loss. This is where one of our audiologists in Perth or Geraldton can guide you in your decision-making process to ensure you get the best solution to suit your needs.

We offer one week trial where you can take a pair of this product home for one week and experience the difference they can make in your everyday life. Our audiologists will recommend what type and style are suitable for you to trial, depending on your requirements.

You can wear Lyric during most daily activities, such as exercising, showering, and even sleeping. There are no batteries to change, nor any regular insertion or removal, so management of the device is simple. Once the Lyric battery stops working, clients return to the office for a 15- minute appointment where we insert new lyric devices. Lyric is innovative, efficient and convenient.
We do simple repairs on-site at any of our clinics. If you need more serious repairs, we can send them to the manufacturer. We can also obtain a quote for you prior to the commencement of any repairs so you know exactly how much you will be charged. Most products purchased in Australia have a three year warranty.
This is a big investment, but also one of the most cost-effective ways of improving and maintaining your health and quality of life. If you need this type of product, you may be eligible for rebates or assistance for all or part of the cost.

If you have hearing aids that are not being used anymore, they can be donated to someone in need. We collect old ones and donate them to charities around the world that are committed to helping people hear better.

How Hearing Aid Can Help?

Our ability to hear is one of the most important senses we have. We can easily connect to the world and communicate with the people who matter to us if we can hear.

The ability to hear enables and helps us lead our daily lives without restrictions. It allows us to socialise, do our job and interact with others without losing confidence. While being blessed with a good ability to hear will enable us to connect with the outside world, it also gives us the power to hear warnings that keep us away from trouble.

In 2015, approximately 3.55 million Australians were deemed to have hearing loss – and that’s about 17% of the entire population. Generally, the number of people suffering from hearing loss increases due to several factors like – Aging, impairment due to excessive exposure to loud noise, hereditary, occupational noises, medications, and illnesses.

These products are precision instruments, and there are a wide variety of different solutions on the market. As your specialists, we can help you find the right type, fit and set up for your specific auditory needs.

If you want to learn more about hearing aids, check out our resources: 

Why Our Sense Of Hearing Matters and How Hearing Aid Can Help
Please Watch Fiona Stanleys Testimonial Video

We helped Fiona Stanley, let us help you!

Professor Fiona Stanley is a world renowned epidemiologist noted for her public health work and research into child and maternal health. Fiona Stanley is also a longstanding and much valued client of Hearing & Audiology. Listen to Professor Stanley’s testimonial about Hearing & Audiology, and the positive experience she’s had.

How Can Our Perth Hearing Aids Help You?


Our audiologists will diagnose your problems and work with you to create a treatment plan that suits your requirements and lifestyle. Our personalised treatment plans result in over 97% of our clients successfully using their hearing aids at follow up.

We will guide you through the different types, including Behind The Ear (BTE), In The Ear (ITE), and Receiver in Canal (RIC) and help you choose the right one for you. We’re an independent business and help you compare many of the top brands to find the right solution.


Getting these products can raise your quality of life substantially, but that investment isn’t cheap. Many of our customers, including pensioners, veterans, children, and those with private health insurance, are eligible for rebates or financial assistance, and we will help advise you on accessing this.

If you don’t fall into those categories but are in financial hardship, we will work with you to arrange a payment plan. Eligibility is assessed on a case-by-case basis, please contact us for more information.


Our complete service doesn’t stop at fitting. We will work with you over time to ensure that your chosen product continues to perform as well as it did when it was first fitted.

Because your ability to hear changes over time, your hearing aid sometimes needs adjusting. We recommend that you visit us for a hearing test and hearing aid adjustment once every 12 months.

Repairs, Adjustments & Parts

We offer a range of in-house services and repairs on most models. We stock a wide variety of spare parts from all of the major manufacturers allowing us to repair your product while you wait. This reduces the amount of downtime from wearing your hearing aids. If they require major servicing by the manufacturer, we can provide you with loan aids in the meantime.

Features Of Our Perth Hearing Aids

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Available in selected levels of technology to suit your individual listening and lifestyle needs
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Rechargeable technology for your ultimate convenience
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A wide range of colours to choose from
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Our products can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth using all types of devices
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Durable, long-lasting and comes with long years of warranty
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One week trial to check if it suits you

Why Choose Us

As the first independent hearing clinic in Western Australia, we have been serving the community for over three decades, and we work closely with doctors to ensure quality patient care.

Because we are independent, we don’t work on commission for specific brands. This means we only recommend a product when it is clinically indicated and can fully focus on finding the right option for you. It also means we stock a larger range of this type of product, which gives you more choice.

We are family-owned and operated and committed to the highest standards of customer care. We know that hearing your family and friends is important, and we work hard to be available when you need us.

Hearing and Audiology, located in Perth and Geraldton, specialises in fitting and follow-up care for the users. Our internationally accredited and Australian-trained team have been helping residents in the Perth area find their perfect product for more than 30 years.

If you have just started experiencing hearing loss, or if you are an existing user looking for better support, we can help. Book an appointment by calling (08) 9388 8003 or by using our online contact form.

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For more information about our hearing healthcare services, please call (08) 9388 8003 or book online using the form below. We conduct hearing tests at our Perth based clinics, located in Subiaco, Manning and Duncraig, as well as at our Geraldton clinic.
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Our Services

Use Lyric RISK-FREE– the world’s first and only extended wear 100% invisible hearing aid.
Do you have ringing or other sounds in your ears? See us – we specialise in Tinnitus.
We are specialists in helping you with a variety of hearing concerns.
We use a combination of micro-suction and manual extraction to safely remove ear wax. We will also discuss with you how to safely manage ear wax at home.

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