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Our Client Testimonials

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What Our Clients Say About Hearing and Audiology

I think you are wonderful. I changed to Hearing Audiology after not being happy at my previous audiologist. Gabe sorted out my problem and I am once again back on the ball! Merry Christmas to Viv, Gabe and all the staff.
Vicki cooper

Kerryn is an experienced pediatric audiologist who brings exceptional evidence based exprtise and a concerned compassionate and patient centred approach to her clients. Kerryn saw my eldest daughter several years ago when we observed a slight speech delay. With her assessment and support, we ware able to see an pediatrician who treated our daughter for obstructive airways and persistent glue ear. Nearly a decade later our daughter is a happy, healthy teenager who loves to talk and sing!

Tara McLaren

The Company)is Calling, Can you Hear,? “No you say” Come in and try a Hearing Aid! it has “Improved my Hearing “I can Now Hear Underwater Flowing Beneath the Ground. Since my New Hearing Aids!
So if you want to be like a Superior Hero, Come and Share a Free Coffee.
This Hearing and Audiology in Glengarry Duncraig, are a Very Professional Business Team and Are Very Curtious, and Never give Criticism.
As They Show Complete, Understanding of Your Personal Circumstances.
And always Welcome you back as if it is your First Moment of Initial Contact.
They have a high Standard of Covid 19 Protection Implementation in place.
That’s Why I have given this Audiology Office a 5🌟Star. Also after your Appointment, you can have a Relaxing Coffee at The Glengarry Cafe, as here you can enjoy all Delishious Freshly baked Cakes and Savouries.

Lisa Maria Duffy​

My daughter( Charlotte GAO) went to see Kerryn in Duncraig today. Kerryn is really good with kids. She was patient and made it so fun for her.

Thanks again.
I experienced the highest quality of service this morning from the team at Hearing and Audiology in Subiaco. Thank you to Chantelle, Lyn, Rina and Shannon for the outstanding service provided. The team went above and beyond to assist and look after me. I highly recommend Hearing and Audiology’s product, team, service & care.
Marisa Wagner
I have found Hearing and Audiology staff very professional, friendly and experienced who all provide exceptional service especially Zoe who has been very informative and helpful in choosing the correct hearing aids for me. I highly recommend Hearing and Audiology.
Peter Nicholls
Chantelle Maranta has been amazing whilst getting my first hearing aids. Nothing was too much trouble, she explained everything thoroughly and made me feel totally at ease. I cannot recommend her highly enough, thank you so much.
Ann Black
Thanks so very much to the Duncraig team at Hearing and Audiology. The level of helpfulness and customer service is absolutely beyond the norm. I have had to attend appointments when I first received my aids to adjust sounds etc. Nothing was too much trouble for the gorgeous receptionist and the team . It has made a huge difference to my world. Sincere thanks. Wendy Hunter
Wendy Hunter
I have severe bilateral hearing loss, a consequence of the treatment of cerebral malaria. I have been treated at Hearing & Audiology for about 10 years. I have only experienced the most professional, ethical and quality service imaginable from Gabe, Tina, Chantal and not forgetting Julie at Reception. Mostly Gabe has attended to me. There is no pressure and he always goes the extra mile. If you have any hearing loss, I recommend this company unequivocally.
Alan Simon
I have been client of Hearing And Audiology for six years. My experience gets better every time I visit. I have just had my hearing aids renewed and I have been amazed by the advances in hearing aid technology and the rigorous testing they are able to perform. All this for pensioner qualified assisted aids.
Gordon Johnson
Tina and the team at Heading And Audiology gave exemplary service, recommending and fitting a new set of hearing aids that were transformative for me. They paid attention to detail and looked after me well. Highly recommended.
Bruce Mutard
I have been going to Hearing and Audiology since April 2019, attending both Duncraig and Subiaco offices. My hearing and tinnitus issues have been in the very capable hands of Zoe Sampson. Zoe quickly put me onto a device to assist with the tinnitus at night time and I must say that my sleep has been improved. Zoe has explained all test results to me and advised on ways to improve my hearing loss and tinnitus issues. Zoe is extremely knowledgeable and explains things to you in a way you can easily understand and readily answers any questions you may have.
Just before Christmas 2019 I started using hearing aids for the first time, to assist with my loss of hearing and tinnitus. I now have no excuse for selective hearing and have already noticed an improvement!! My hearing aids are enabled for Bluetooth, which means once I pair my mobile phone to it I can make and receive calls via it. The day after I received my hearing aids I was shopping at my local supermarket and received a call from my wife. Here I was chatting away to her whilst pushing the trolley about. Next minute I saw this mother with two young daughters looking at me strangely – yes here is this man talking to himself! I told her that I was on the phone and this was going through my hearing aids – well she gave me that look that implied “yeah right” and quick walked away.
Zoe and her team at the front desks of both Duncraig and Subiaco are extremely polite and friendly. It is not often that you get “old fashioned” service like you do when you visit or call Hearing and Audiology. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing you at my next visit, in 12 months.
Steven Wilde
I have been a client of Hearing And Audiology in Subiaco for 10 years. In that time I have had great assistance from them in advice, setting up and maintaining two generations of hearing aids. In my 10 years I have seen a few audiologists (most recently Gabe Sobon), all of which have been courteous and knowledgeable.
My hearing aids have greatly aided in my enjoyment of life as well as helping maintain professional and social contact. My current hearing aids (which I have had for several months) are a real improvement on my previous ones, they connect with bluetooth to my iphone which lets me listen to news and music online through them without disturbing other people.
I can strongly recommend Hearing And Audiology as expert providers and maintainers of hearing aids.
Rob Bennett
Good afternoon I just had a lovely time with your representative Kristen. I also had the fortune of having her last time, very very constructive, very explanatory, listens and waits for you to have your say before she comes back with very very good information regarding the whole set up.
Julie at the front desk is unbelievably polite and nice with phone calls to let us know that we have to come back in and I am more than happy for the association I had with this company from I think It was about 2013 and all I can say is from the top to the bottom keep up the good work thank you very much and Merry Christmas
Geoffrey Hewitt

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