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About Us

Hearing and Audiology, established and operated by Vivienne Sobon, was the first private practice in Western Australia.

Since 1985 we have been dedicated to providing professional caring service to those who are ‘hearing challenged’, using the latest technology available.

Our highly qualified team of hearing care professionals are internationally accredited and Australian trained.

All our clinicians are registered with the government bodies, the Office of Hearing Services and Workcover, and are members of professional bodies, Audiological Society of Australia, Australian College of Audiology and Independent Audiology Australia.

These memberships require ongoing professional development and training to maintain our high level of knowledge and promote excellence and ethics in hearing care.

Our friendly office staff are available to deal with your phone queries during office hours on 9388 8003.


What do we do?

We assess:

  • Hearing History
  • Hearing Ability (Audiogram)
  • Middle Ear Function
  • Speech Discrimination
  • Hearing Needs (at home, in groups, at work, on the phone)

We Discuss:

  • Your results with you
  • And report to your GP, specialist or referral source.

We Recommend:

  • How to best solve your hearing difficulties
  • Referral to medical specialists as required
  • Hearing aid options
  • Hearing strategies

We provide Hearing Aids:

  • Professionally fitted
  • Objective testing of hearing aid performance
  • We ensure comfort and wearability
  • Ongoing training on how to get the most from your hearing aid

We Offer:

  • 30 years of experience
  • The best professional advice
  • Ongoing Support & Rehabilitation
  • Friendly Professional Services
  • Interpreting Services (on request)

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