Treatments For Tinnitus

Zoe, one of our tinnitus specialists, using Tinnitus Retraining Therapy to counsel a client with tinnitus

Zoe, one of our tinnitus specialists, using Tinnitus Retraining Therapy to counsel a client with tinnitus

The treatment of tinnitus depends on the cause of the tinnitus. One of our audiologists will need to assess you to determine the cause of your tinnitus before any treatment plan can be recommended.

Some causes of tinnitus, such as wax blocking the eardrum, can be easily treated by an audiologist. Sometimes the cause of tinnitus may be medical and you will need to be referred on to a GP for further investigation. Other times, the cause of tinnitus can be more complex and treatment will focus on the management and reduction of symptoms to allow you to get on with your life. If you have a hearing loss that is contributing to your tinnitus, we may recommend treating your hearing loss as part of your tinnitus treatment. For more information on hearing loss treatments, click here.

Almost all tinnitus can be effectively treated and improved. Even if you have been told in the past there is nothing that can be done about your tinnitus, we recommend you come and see us at one of our hearing clinics in Perth or Geraldton for a tinnitus assessment. New treatments have emerged over the last 10 years, and it is highly unlikely that you cannot be helped in some way.

Hearing and Audiology’s Tinnitus Treatments

Hearing and Audiology’s tinnitus specialists are trained in several different types of tinnitus treatment. We offer:

  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) – a tinnitus treatment designed to help the body adjust to its reactions and perceptions of tinnitus. TRT consists of two basic components: one-on-one counselling about your auditory retraining, and regular sound therapy, via sound generators.
  • Neuromonics – another form of tinnitus therapy which also involves using a sound generator. These are available in off the shelf form for those who require less help.
  • Sound generators – sound generators are off the shelf devices designed to induce a better night’s sleep and tinnitus relief. They’re designed by leading sleep and sound experts.

Our tinnitus treatments also always include information on tinnitus and personalised advice on how to manage your tinnitus. Everyone experiences tinnitus differently. We will identify and discuss with you what can trigger or exacerbate your tinnitus and give you strategies to minimise its effect on your life.

For more information on our tinnitus assessments in Perth and Geraldton click here.

To find more information on what tinnitus is and its causes see our ‘ What is Tinnitus’ page.

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