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Tips for Summer Hearing Aid Care

Tips for Summer Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aids can be damaged when exposed to heat or moisture. Sweat and water are the two biggest enemies of hearing aids during the summer, and sharp temperature changes can cause condensation and an increased propensity to sweat. All of these are damaging to your hearing aids and may prevent them from working properly.

Damage could result in distorted or weak sound quality, reduced battery life and inconsistent functionality.

It’s important to take extra care during the summer months. Here are some ways to keep you hearing aids safe and functional this summer.

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  • Take out your hearing aids when exercising outside, if it is raining or if the weather is extremely warm.
  • At night, open the battery door to allow dry, fresh air to move through the hearing aid and relieve moisture.
  • Keep you hearing aids in a protective case and out of direct sunlight when you are not wearing them.
  • Avoid storing hearing aids in humid places such as in glove boxes, dashboards, or other environments where heat and moisture can build up.
  • Remove your hearing aids before showering, swimming or any activity in which you will or could be exposed to water.
  • Sunscreen has oils that can damage hearing aids, so apply lotions or sprays completely before putting on your hearing aids. Be sure that the sunscreen is fully rubbed in or dry before putting your hearing aids back on or the oils will seep into open seams and microphone ports or vents.
Summer should be fun not stressful. Follow our tips above for a worry-free summer that’s full of sounds and sunshine. Have questions about how to care for your hearing aids – Contact us today.

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