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Tradies National Health Month – Industrial Deafness

Tradies National Health Month

Tradies National Health Month – Industrial Deafness.

August 2015 has been declared as Tradies National Health Month. Noise hazards on the job can be a real threat to the wellbeing of the workforce. Industrial deafness and ongoing issues with Tinnitus are the consequence.

Industrial deafness, occupational deafness and noise induced hearing loss are phrases which are used to describe a deterioration of a person’s hearing as a result of his or her working environment.

A person does not have to lose his or her hearing completely to be classified as deaf, and in fact there are varying degrees of deafness:

  • mild deafness – this can often cause difficulty following speech, hearing the television, particularly in environments where there is background noise. This is the most common form of industrial deafness
  • moderate deafness – people who suffer moderate deafness may not be able to hear without the use of a hearing aid
  • severe deafness – those suffering with severe deafness often rely on lip-reading despite using a hearing aid. Such people may also use sign language as their preferred means of communication
  • profound deafness – the most serious form of deafness. Sufferers of this type of deafness will usually rely on lip-reading and sign language

If you have worked in a noisy environment, being exposed to noisy machinery or tools and have noticed that you cannot hear the television or doorbell as well as you used to, are struggling in social environments where there is background noise, or are noticing that you are having to ask people to repeat themselves, you may be suffering from industrial deafness.


At Hearing & Audiology, all our audiologists are accredited by WorkCover to perform baseline, full audiological and subsequent testing. Our booths are WorkCover approved for both baseline and full audiological tests. Anyone working in a designated noisy area requires a baseline hearing test on commencing work. Hearing tests over the working life can notify us of any hearing loss. If this is the case a compensation scheme is in place if there is a 10% hearing loss compared to the original baseline test from noise in the workplace.

Your employer is responsible for arranging and paying for all WorkCover hearing tests.

Our Testing Range

Our clinics specialise in offering comprehensive hearing tests in consultation with WorkCover. This range of tests includes:

  • Baseline and subsequent air conduction testing
  • Full audiological assessment
  • Subsequent full audiological assessment

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For more information about our hearing healthcare services, please give us a call at (08) 9388 8003

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