Tinnitus Assessments

Tinnitus Assessments

During the tinnitus assessment we will examine your ears

During the tinnitus assessment we will examine your ears

Tinnitus can be complex to diagnose and treat. The good news is that almost all tinnitus can be effectively treated with the help of a specialist audiologist. Hearing and Audiology have two tinnitus specialists in Perth and Geraldton, both with years of experience in assessing and treating tinnitus in West Australians.

What to Expect at a Tinnitus Assessment

Due to its complexity, a tinnitus assessment at Hearing and Audiology takes an hour and a half. We ask all tinnitus clients to complete and return two questionnaires a few days before the assessment. This is so our audiologists have time to review the answers before your appointment. This enables them to spend more time speaking directly with you. At the appointment, we will go over your answers from the questionnaires, as well as completing a comprehensive hearing and tinnitus assessment. From this information, our audiologists will diagnose the cause of your tinnitus or recommend further investigation by your GP or an ear, nose and throat doctor.

After identifying the cause of your tinnitus, our audiologists will also discuss a personalised treatment and management plan with you. We offer a range of different tinnitus treatments and will take the time to find the right one for you, while providing strategies to better deal with your tinnitus symptoms.

At the conclusion of all tinnitus assessments, we send a written report to your doctor unless otherwise requested.

Due to its complex nature, if you require a tinnitus assessment, please ensure you notify us when making an appointment so we can make sure you see one of our specialist audiologists and you have enough time to get the treatment you deserve.

Request a Tinnitus Assessment

If you or a family member is experiencing tinnitus, call Hearing and Audiology on 6555 5144 to make an appointment or book online. We have clinics in SubiacoDuncraig and Geraldton.

Select Tinnitus Appointment from the List of Practitioners when booking online. Please give us a call if you are unable to find a suitable tinnitus appointment online, as our office staff will be able to give you additional appointment options.

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