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How Much Does A Hearing Test Cost In Perth?

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There’s no reason to suffer from hearing troubles when you can go for a hearing test that may diagnose the root of your problem.

A less-than perfect hearing in one or both ears can impact your overall quality of life. If left undiagnosed, you risk further deterioration or even complete loss of hearing. What’s more, some of these causes may be easily addressed or diagnosed by a trained audiologist. 

This is why it is critical to get yourself or your loved ones checked using a specialised hearing test. The good news is that there are hearing specialists in Perth at Hearing and Audiology that offer top of the line hearing tests and services. In this guide, we will talk about the costs of hearing tests in Perth as well as the factors that can influence these costs.

Who needs a hearing test?

If you feel any problems with your hearing, even if they seem benign and occasional, it is recommended that you get a hearing test done. You might have a hearing problem if it is hard to understand people talking in a noisy place or if you only understand them when they face you. 

Another sign could be a ringing in the ears, called tinnitus, which can affect your hearing and your quality of life. 

There are also instances when you might be concerned about a child’s hearing, especially if they’re slow to speak, struggling at school, or requesting the TV volume at louder volumes.

Types of hearing tests

There are a variety of tests audiologists use to check the quality of hearing in adults. We’ll look at them briefly.

  • Pure tone audiometry: In this test, the audiologist checks how loud different sounds will need to be for you to hear them.
  • Air conduction: This test measures whether you’re able to hear and differentiate different tones played through headphones.
  • Bone conduction: This test is designed to measure how well your cochlea, the part of your ear that responds to sound with nerve impulses, picks up any vibrations.
  • Tympanometry. This test assesses the health of your eardrum to rule out other hearing impairments such as wax, infection, or a hole in the eardrum itself. 

The results from these tests are then marked on a graph called an audiogram. Based on the results in the audiogram, your audiologist will then talk to you about whether or not there is a problem with your hearing, what the cause of the problem is, and how severe the issue is. This information is used to determine a course of treatment to improve your overall hearing. 

Keep in mind that the tests are different for children. Some are plain physical tests while others will rely on how well the child responds to sounds played at different volumes or frequencies. Based on the age of the child, the audiologist will choose the appropriate test.

Factors that affect the cost of a hearing test

Number of tests performed

If you require a hearing assessment and further testing is required then that will usually start from around $50 and go up to around $150. This will be a comprehensive, hour-long assessment.

Clinic type

Some clinics will provide you with quick 15 minute free hearing checks, which can be good to get an idea of whether you need more tests or not. To check if you’re eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program’s fully subsidised hearing services, visit hearing

Full diagnostics

Some people will require a full diagnostic hearing assessment, which will involve an audiologist examining the ear canal, the middle ear status, hearing testing across 250-8000 Hz using a combination of bone and air conduction and masks appropriately. It will also involve speech testing and evaluation of the current hearing issues. To ensure maximum accuracy of the test, it is usually performed in a sound treated booth. 

This test will cost around $110 to $170 and you might be eligible for some reimbursement for the test if you have private health insurance extras but will usually not cover the entire costs of the test.

Patient Age

Hearing tests for children are quite different than those for adults, including the time and equipment that they require for a full assessment. Conducting a hearing test on kids usually costs between $85 to $100. The audiologist will discuss the test results with the parent(s) or guardian(s), offer suggestions on managing hearing loss as well as provide all appropriate parties with a written report.

Employment required tests

There are some professions that require medical tests. Some audiologists conduct hearing tests for employment and special activities such as driving or police medicals. The cost of these tests is usually paid for by the employers. 

Applicable rebates

Medicare rebates are available if you are referred by an ENT specialist or a neurologist. In case you are on a complex care plan with your GP, rebates also apply with referrals.

How much will a hearing test cost?

The cost of hearing tests can depend on your resident status as well as the type of test you require. The costs will also vary between different providers. The table below summarizes some of the average hearing test costs you can expect in Perth. 
Test Type
Average Lowest Cost
Average Highest Cost
Initial Hearing Assessment
Full Diagnostic Assessment
Child Assessment

Some individuals will also be eligible for a free assessment through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP). Generally speaking, there is no standard medicare rebate for hearing assessments in Perth. This means that it is not compulsory to get a GP referral form.

Never delay a test

The ability to hear is a blessing. Unfortunately, one in three people in Australia struggle with their hearing. With the right tests and early diagnosis, audiologists are not only able to stop the further deterioration of your hearing but also offer you solutions and treatments to improve it moving forward.

At Hearing and Audiology, we understand the frustrations and fears of clients who are concerned about their hearing. That’s why we offer comprehensive assessments to get to the root cause of your hearing troubles and create a treatment plan that’s just right for you. We also collaborate with other members of your healthcare team to make sure that your hearing loss does not stem from a broader health condition.

Not sure where to begin? Call us on 08 9388 8003 to book a consultation at any of our Perth or Western Australia clinics. You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form.

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