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Why You Should Avoid Cheap Hearing Aids

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is more complicated than many people think. Treating it is not as simple as purchasing a hearing aid over the counter or on the internet for a quick fix. Addressing hearing problems involves assessing the specific needs of each individual’s unique case.

Hearing devices are not a final solution or cure but a small part of the process towards achieving better hearing and improving your communication abilities. Everyone with hearing loss has different listening needs and the hearing aid should be programmed to meet them. A professional audiologist can determine what your needs are through testing and provide a full treatment process with hearing aids that accommodate your needs, as well as teaching you when, where and how to wear it.

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The Problem with PSAPs

Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) are a poor solution at best and cause more harm to your hearing at worst. Treating hearing loss is far more complex than increasing volume to the ear, which is generally all these devices do. Hearing aids need to be fitted to address a person’s hearing needs, often involving specific sound frequencies and listening environments.

It may seem far cheaper and more convenient, but people who use these devices often find them malfunctioning quickly due to their poor quality or uncertainty about properly maintaining and cleaning them. The costs add up when you have to buy one after the other while trying to find a device that works well for you.

Professional Diagnostic Process

A comprehensive hearing test conducted by audiologists examines the volume and pitch of sounds you can hear and also how you discriminate speech in different environments. This process will determine what style and features a hearing aid should have to suit your specific hearing levels, lifestyle, budget and hearing needs.

Fitting, Adjustments and Rehabilitation

Treating hearing loss is a rehabilitative process that involves trialling different technology and custom-made hearing devices to find the best possible solution. The treatment is monitored over several sessions with adjustments made to further improve hearing and comfort.

Like physiotherapy after an injury, it takes a while for your body to adapt and process auditory information in this new way. Like visual prescriptions, hearing needs change over time, so your device needs to be readjusted to match changes over the years.

Misconceptions about Cost

Hearing aids from professional audiologists are often seen as very expensive. But the price quoted includes the device and a range of services over many years with a dedicated audiology professional. These include testing, programming, fitting, adjustments, rehabilitation, warranty and follow-up consultations. The value of this service easily surpasses buying cheap products and trying to figure it out on your own. Like other health conditions, leaving your hearing problems poorly treated or not treated at all can have detrimental effects on your quality of life. People with untreated hearing loss often experience depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Styles and Brands of Hearing Aids

Hearing devices come in a range of different styles that are suitable for different degrees of hearing loss and cosmetic inclinations. The four main styles include behind the ear, ultra small, completely in the ear and custom half shell. Hearing & Audiology offer a number of branded hearing aids made with advanced technology, offering you a range of options to meet your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Hearing aids by Starkey and Siemens feature directional focus that highlights dominant speech while suppressing background noise. They automatically adjust to each situation so that soft and loud sounds can be comfortably and easily heard. They can also wirelessly connect to your TV, laptop and mobile phone.

Know more about Hearing Aids with Hearing and Audiology

If you’d like more information about hearing aids and professional hearing loss treatment, get in touch with Hearing & Audiology by calling (08) 9388 8003 or enquiring online. We are hearing aid specialists with more than 30 years of experience and three audiological clinics in Perth- Duncraig, Manning and Subiaco, and one in Geraldton.

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