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Effective Methods to Manage Tinnitus

Effective Methods to Manage Tinnitus

In line with Tinnitus Awareness week, we prepare one of the best articles about Tinnitus which we believe will help so many people all over Western Australia and even all throughout the world.

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What is Tinnitus?

Have you experienced hearing that constant ringing, buzzing, hissing, or even a roaring sound? That is Tinnitus.

Why Tinnitus Occurs?

Based on recent studies, approximately 30 percent of the stellar population will go through tinnitus in their generation – and one in ten grownup individuals are suffering from chronic tinnitus which can bring an enormous impact on their lives. Some of the common side effects of Tinnitus include Insomnia, stress, depression, and social dysfunction. Tinnitus is not a disease and not even deadly though it has to be minimized.

No Identified Cure for Tinnitus Yet

At present, there is no approved cure for tinnitus. However there are some ways that victims can reduce its impact,” – Danielle Tres, Head of Audiology for Oticon Australia, told Gizmodo Australia.

How Music & Podcast Help Sufferers Deal with Tinnitus

“In Baby Driver film, Baby’s method of relieving tinnitus symptoms is not unusual. Numerous people suffering from tinnitus discovered that getting something else to focus on, such as music or a podcast, can shift their attention away from the tinnitus, so it turned out to be less noticeable.

Other standard methods used by adults suffering from tinnitus include – sound therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and “several relaxation methods” (mindfulness, body scanning, yoga, and meditation) are also common.

“Sound therapy reduces the impact of tinnitus through its soothing sounds like ocean waves or white noise” – Tres clarifies.

How Music & Podcast Help Sufferers Deal with Tinnitus

About 80% of adults with hearing loss are also experiencing tinnitus, and 80% of those with tinnitus also have some form of hearing loss. So other than an iPod – hearing aids, here’s another idea we’d like to share.

It’s incredible how the advancement of technology has paved the way for Oticon to create the Tinnitus SoundSupport which allows the wearer to play a variety of sounds including nature or broadband, directly into their ears. These special hearing aids are very handy manageable and comforting to tinnitus sufferers.

If you are interested to learn more about tinnitus sound support, just give us a call, or you may contact us by filling in our quote form.

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