Child Hearing Tests

Hearing and Audiology has a pediatric audiology specialist, Kerryn, who works at both of our Perth hearing clinics. There are different specialist hearing tests for children of different ages. We will assess which method is most suitable for your child based on their capabilities.

Kerryn sees children from the age of approximately 3 months old. If your child is close to this age, we may have to ask you a few extra questions before making an appointment to ensure they can properly complete the testing. If you are located in Geraldton we may be able to see your child if they are over 2 ½ years old. Please read on for more information.

child hearing test perth

Child hearing tests involve games and toys. Image by Donnie Ray Jones

For Children Under 2 ½ Years

We generally use behavioural audiometry to test the hearing of children under 2 ½ years. This means we play sounds and observe your child’s response. Children do not require any language skills for this type of hearing test. There are two types of behavioural audiometry:

  • Type 1. Behavioural Observation Audiometry (BOA) – for children under 6 months old. We look for an age-appropriate behavioural response to sounds.
  • Type 2. Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry (VROA) – for children aged approximately 6 months to 2 ½ years, or those with disabilities. This is suitable for children with good neck control. We condition your child to respond when they hear the sounds played. This allows accurate results for the range of frequencies required for normal speech development.

Due to the specialized equipment required for these tests, we only perform behavioural audiometry a our hearing clinic in Duncraig.

For Children Over 2 ½ Years

We generally use play audiometry to test the hearing of children over 2 ½ years. This involves teaching the child to respond to sounds as part of a game and then recording which sounds they respond to.

We perform play audiometry at our Subiaco and Duncraig hearing clinics and depending on the child’s capabilities, we may also be able to perform play audiometry at our Geraldton hearing clinic. We will discuss this with you before we make an appointment.

For Children Over the Age of Approximately 5 Years

We can test their hearing in the sound booth and any of our audiologists can perform this test at any of our hearing clinics in Perth or Geraldton.

After the Hearing Test

At the conclusion of your child’s hearing test, our audiologist will go over the results with you and send a copy of the results to your doctor or school if needed. We will offer practical advice on how to improve your child’s hearing if they are experiencing hearing loss and also discuss possible hearing loss treatments if required.

Please be aware that sometimes children can become too tired or distracted to complete a full hearing test. We will always do our best to perform a thorough assessment, but the welfare of your child comes first. If we are unable to obtain full results we may be able to make recommendations based on the results we have obtained, or we may need to continue testing at a later date.

Children and young adults under the age of 26 who are Australian citizens or permanent residents are able to obtain free hearing loss treatments once they have a diagnosed permanent hearing loss. If your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss by one of our audiologists we will explain how you can access these services for your child.

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